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Membership is free!

You must be 18 years of age or older for membership.

Choose one of two membership options:

Option 1: Requires a photo ID and a credit card “authorization” to insure your membership. We will check your credit card for $20 of available credit but there will be no charge to your credit card. Your credit card company will hold the $20 amount for approximately 5 days and then release the full amount back to your credit line.


Option 2: Requires a photo ID, and a refundable membership deposit of $20.

Member Responsibilities:
All rentals must be paid for at the time of rental. All late fees over $5 must be paid before renting additional items. Late fees not paid after a period of 6 months will be charged to your credit card. All DVDs or tapes not returned after 14 days will be considered sales and the retail price of the movie(s) plus late fees accrued during that time period will be charged to your credit card.