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08 / 09 / 2010
Posted by Wendy

With great excitement, Videology brings you a team of Brooklyn comedians called the Raspberry Brothers. Their assignment: to mock the crap out of Hollywood films.  And they do it every Tuesday night at the Knitting Factory...for free.

The Raspberry Brothers cast consists of writers and performers who also contribute to SNL and the Onion. And lead Raspberry Brother, Jerm Pollet, performed with this comedy format since 2000 in Austin at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Each show includes drinking games, and audience participation for prizes, like free Videology rentals and free adult beverages.  The Raspberry Brothers have drink specials they create for every show.  For Back To the Future 2 there was a drink called the Time Machine.  It was a Miller High Life and a shot of banana liqueur (since the professor throws a Miller High Life and a banana peel in the tank to fuel the Delorean).  For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles it was a toxic waste colored green drink called the Teenage Mutant Ninja Cocktail.  And when they do their Star Trek party on Tues. Aug 10th they will have Romulan Ale and Klingon-blood Wine. 

"You'll love this show, where classic bad movies are screened while three comedians heckle it for the crowd's enjoyment." -NY. Daily News

"Where comedy is concerned, it's hard to go wrong with a cast of writers whose credits include both SNL and the Onion. The bros bring their movie-commentary A-game." -Flavorpill, NYC

August 10 - SHAT BALL 2: The Spocksuckers Cotillion (special star trek themed event!!!!!): featuring the Raspberry Brothers commentary over the classic dud, directed by William Shatner, Star Trek 5.  This show will also feature Start Trekkin, NYC's incredible Star Trek improv comedy troupe (they make up a ST episode on the spot based on a suggestion).  And there will be a contortion show called YOGA TREK by The Amazing Amy, who promises To Boldly Stretch Where Few Fifty-Plus Year Olds Have Stretched Before!  Dressed in a barefoot variation of a classic Star Trek uniform, to theme music from the film versions of the famous TV series, I do a spaced-out 6-7 minute long contortion act that will generate as many laughs as it does amazement. 

This show costs $8 for general admission and $5 for those in Star Trek costume/uniform

There will be audience participation for the best Captain Kirk and Spock impersonations, Kirk-aoke and the Spock-Off! 

August 17 - XANADU: Stars Olivia Newton John, Gene Kelly, and Michael Beck (Warriors).  This is the story of two men- a lonely clarinetist and his depressive sidekick- who both love the same mysterious girl in a peasant dress, leg-warmers, and rollerskates, who glows with thin neon outline like a Dallas skyscraper come to life. There's plenty of song and roller-dance as the three team up together to create the world's greatest disco parlor, Xanadu!

August 24th- SLOPPY SUPERHEROES: The Raspberry Brothers vs. Hollywood Comic Book Movies: The Raspberry Brother boys take a look under Batman's hood and Superman's cape as they take on clips from the live action duds, Daredevil, Wolverine, Batman and Robin, Spiderman, and MORE!

August 31- TERMINATOR: The Terminator franchise has survived a quarter of a century now, enduring lame sequels, bad reviews, and a TV series. Our only salvation is to go back in time to when killer robots from the future looked like the Governor of California.