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Well, we’re on the Twitter now. Yep. We’ve got the blog. We’ve got the newsletter. And now we’ve got the tweeting.

We are so with the times.

(Except for Facebook, which is, well, kinda last decade, right?)

Anyway, you probably want to know why you should follow us on Twitter. I mean, it’s not like there’s any breaking news around here, right?

Not so fast! Things are happening around here… um… every few days!

Okay, it’s not that exciting around here, except for New Release Tuesday. But we totally give away free stuff on Twitter. We’re creating our own excitement. That’s what Twitter does. It’s the excitement-maker.

Look, just check out some of our recent tweets and you’ll totally see what we’re talking about:

Yay! It’s Saturday! Come into the store and say the password “Rhinestone” and get $1 off a bag of delicious popcorn! (2/13/10)

BLIZZARDPOCALYPSEGEDDON!!! Yes, we’re open. May we suggest renting a whole season of a TV show to occupy yourselves… (2/10/10)

Ok, so that last blizzard didn’t happen but 2nite it’s gonna snow 7ft. Get DVDs now or be stuck @ home w/ nada. No we’re not being alarmist. (2/9/10)

It’s New Release Tuesday! Come get any Coen Brother’s film rental, for free! Just say the password: “White Russian.” See you soon! (2/9/10)

As you may have heard there’s a blizzard coming, with a 70% chance of wild dogs and zombies roaming Bedford Ave. Get your DVDs now! (2/5/10)

This week’s new releases: ZOMBIELAND, ONG BAK II, Hilary Swank in AMELIA, Paul Giamatti in COLD SOULS, and NEW YORK I LOVE YOU (2/5/10)

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