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Sign up for a “no late fee” plan and pay just $3.50 for new releases or $2.50 for everything else - keep them as long as you want and pay NO LATE FEES! The number of items allowed to be checked out on your account at any given time depends on the plan that you choose below:

up to 2 items out at a time / $9.99 per month*
up to 4 items out at a time / $16.99 per month*
up to 6 items out at a time / $24.99 per month*


*Terms and Conditions:

Your “no late fee” plan monthly payment will be free for your first month and then will be automatically billed to your credit card each month until you terminate your plan.

All items rented within the limit of your “no late fee” plan require payment of a 1-day rental fee at time of check out and can be kept as long you want without paying any late fees as long your monthly plan payment is paid.

Items may be rented on your account above the limit of your “no late fee” plan, but will be subject to Late Fees & Member Responsibilities (see Rates & Policies and Membership pages).

If you want to end your “no late fee” plan you must notify us that you want to terminate your plan and all rentals checked out under your plan must be returned at or before time of requested termination.

If at any time Videology is unable to collect payment for your plan fee, your “no late fee” plan will be suspended and you will be notified. In order to continue your “no late fee” plan, you must reactivate your plan by submitting updated credit card info so that Videology may recover past due charges. If Videology is unable to collect payment for your plan within 14 days after suspension, and you still have movies checked out under your suspened plan, Videology will seek to recover the retail replacement price of the movie(s) by charging your credit card, or by means of collection services if necessary.