Day: March 8, 2019

5 Social Media Stories Hacks That Will Skyrocket Your Reach

Social media stories are fun and interesting to create, especially if you have followers who like your post and view your stories.  Thousands of people are posting each minute and it takes some effort to make your stories reach others and create interest in them. You need to find different ways so that people go through your stories and come back for more.

Post the stories consistently- You should try to post on daily basis your stories so that your account is active and people will start looking forward to your stories. It can be quirky, funny or glamorous stories.  If you wish your stories and posts to be glamorous, you need the right accessories for it. Visit to get best deals for products.

Use custom texts- Go through different custom texts offered by the social media site. Make your writings eye-catching and experiment with different fonts and styles. Also, you could add some color to your writing text so that it grabs the attention.

Use hashtags- Using hashtags will definitely help in reaching more people. People usually will be browsing and searching for stories using hashtags. They will be directly taken to your stories if you have used hashtags.  Try to use the latest trendy hashtags that match with your story.     

Use the location and stickers options- The location and stickers are much more than just giving your picture a fun appeal. It actually creates a great impact on the stories.  Whenever you use the customizer sticker or a location tag, you will get featured in the explore tab.

Keep a close watch on others- Do read through the stories of people you admire, celebrities, friends, etc so that you will be updated with the current trend and will know what’s happening around you. Post stories related to the latest trend to get a better reach. …